Onboard Clients using Document Authentication, Selfie and Liveness Test, Integrated into Know Your Customer (KYC)

The IdentityMind now Acuant platform offers government-issued document validation as part of its KYC solution. The platform integrates the award-winning Acuant solution. You can configure what solution to use, or you can let the platform decide dynamically the best solution for the document you are validating, based on performance, location, and quality of the image.

We offer native SDKs for iOS and Android for mobile capture, as well as web SDK, though image quality improves greatly with mobile image capture for better performance. A good quality image will improve the overall performance of automated validation of the document of about 20%-30%. In order to validate security features, the image must be at min of 300 DPI and recommended of 600 DPI. You can also send image files through the platform’s REST API.

The platform can also perform selfie (comparing document extracted image against another face image provided) and liveness (validates that the individual is present during the process) validation. These are better performed when implementing the SDK, but selfie verification is also available through the API.

The platform returns the information contained within the document: name, address, date of birth, expiration dates, etc.

Furthermore, if configured to do so, the platform can triangulate the information extracted against the information presented by the client and against databases to make sure the identity information matches public or credit bureau records.

All of this is integrated into IdentityMind’s digital identity technology. The information extracted and the results of the evaluation are stored within IdentityMind Electronic DNA (eDNA™) which can be further utilized for risk assessment over time.

The document validation is also integrated into IdentityMind’s KYC plugin, which will provide you with the opportunity to spawn very quickly an onboarding experience for your customers. You can be up and running in a matter of minutes.

The platform also can waterfall to a manual review service sourced by our partners in cases when the image quality isn’t sufficient for the automated solution. While the typical automated response is within a few seconds, the manual review process averages a couple of minutes. In our client base, about 70% - 75% of documents are processed automatically and up to 90% when using mobile SDKs (proper image capture).

The document, selfie, and liveness tests become part of the integrated review within the platform for further decisioning, record keeping and analysis. These can also be utilized in reports during your audits. The platform stores the evaluated document images for a configured (customizable) period of time that follows the regulatory requirements in your particular jurisdiction(s).

It supports all passports and almost every major modern identification document worldwide, including driver licenses, national ids, etc. Documents are validated based on its particular security features and with scoring based on supervised machine learning algorithms.

For more information about document validation please reach out to us via this form.


“As digital transactions continue to see massive growth, understanding who’s on the other end of the transaction is key to reducing fraud, managing risk and complying with regulations.”

“This evolution of the Acuant Trusted Identity Platform with IdentityMind positions them well in the dynamic market for identity orchestration platforms.”

Trace Fooshee
Aite Group

Senior Analyst




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