Graph Intelligence: 
A Machine Learning 
Approach to Measure Risk 
on Digital Identities

Large amounts of data can be valuable and daunting. Regtech promises to let you use large amounts of data to drive decisions, reduce risk and prepare compliance responses. We developed Graph Intelligence to address this promise. 

The Graph Intelligence guide provides insight into how the Acuant graph intelligence provides accurate risk assessment and how it operationalizes it so that it is not just a tool that your analysts can leverage on an escalation, but a tool that can be automatically run on the rest of your transactions for real-time decisioning. It'll detail:

  • What the graph score is and how it's used
  • How digital identities factor in
  • The role that machine learning plays in the process
  • And, how to graph intelligence impacts key use cases

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“As digital transactions continue to see massive growth, understanding who’s on the other end of the transaction is key to reducing fraud, managing risk and complying with regulations.”

“This evolution of the Acuant Trusted Identity Platform with IdentityMind positions them well in the dynamic market for identity orchestration platforms.”

Trace Fooshee
Aite Group

Senior Analyst




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