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Guide to Adopting Identity Verification


Why Document Velocity Defines a Successful Solution

Businesses integrating a new ID Verification vendor can face a major challenge: a high number of their customers cannot pass through the verification process. They have been rejected because the document is not supported by the vendor as it was issued only recently by the government authority. In the meantime, your business grows stagnant as you reach out to your vendor for a solution. 

This is a scenario that occurs frequently and can be avoided by asking an ID Verification vendor a simple question: What is your document onboarding velocity?


This White Paper Will Cover:

  • The 4 must ask questions when looking for an ID solutions provider
  • Why Document Forensics is the cornerstone of ID Verification
  • How Document Onboarding can make or break your ID Verification
  • The importance of algorithms & machine learning to quickly adapt  




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