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Why KYC is Critical in Hospitality Webinar 

Acuant has teamed up with Adria Scan, Global Secure Accreditation and Thales to tackle the issue of KYC in hospitality. Why do you need to Know Your Guest? New standards and regulations are being introduced not only in response to the pandemic, but also crime. While KYC may not be traditional for hospitality, it is more important than ever to Know Your Guests, and for hotels to know their employees.

Hospitality experts discuss the importance of identity verification for KYC and the implications of the new ISO (International Standards Organization) 31030 for travel risk management.

We cover:

  • The threat posed by usage of false, stolen documents to facilitate crime and terrorism at hotels
  • Protecting reputation and revenue by verifying employees, suppliers and third-party vendors
  • The introduction of ISO 31030, a new global benchmark for travel risk management standards


  • Robert (Bob) Quick, QPM MBA (Exon), Executive Director and Founder of Global Secure Accreditation Ltd (GSA)
  • Peter Milewski, Senior Hospitality Security Manager
  • Marko Antonic, COO Adria Scan

The webinar is introduced and moderated by:

  • Stephen Maloney - EVP & Chief Revenue Officer, Acuant
  • Michael Vlugt - Market Owner for Document Readers, Thales

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