Effective KYC in Digital Environments


Financial institutions that reduce KYC to data validation do so to their detriment. With so much business happening through digital channels, KYC processes can now be designed to incorporate additional data points, providing more information upfront on a customer's trustworthiness or riskiness.

But there are also challenges on the road to creating a compliance and risk management program which takes regulatory, business, and customer requirements into account. This guide outlines the main challenges, and how Trusted Digital Identities™ (TDI™) is used to tackle each of them.


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“As digital transactions continue to see massive growth, understanding who’s on the other end of the transaction is key to reducing fraud, managing risk and complying with regulations.”

“This evolution of the Acuant Trusted Identity Platform with IdentityMind positions them well in the dynamic market for identity orchestration platforms.”

Trace Fooshee
Aite Group

Senior Analyst




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