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how compliance teams can move away from spreadsheets

Using spreadsheets to track your compliance efforts can put your company at risk. Yet compliance and risk teams from financial institutions, money service businesses, banks, fintech firms and other organizations are still using them.

These spreadsheets are used for a variety of tasks, including:

  1. Track clients for risk and compliance
  2. Transaction monitoring to identify risk and fraud patterns
  3. Escalation of investigation and reporting across team members
  4. Report on the status of activities across team members
  5. Record activities to report to regulators and authorities

If your team is still using spreadsheets for any of the previous tasks, fill out the form to read our latest guide “How Compliance Teams Can Transition Away from Spreadsheets”, where you’ll learn:

  • The limitations, challenges, and risks of using spreadsheets for AML compliance
  • What regulators say about the necessity of automated systems for compliance and reporting
  • The operational framework that you need to achieve cost-effective compliance



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