Rise of Automation

Consumers are increasingly becoming more comfortable with automated solutions and utilizing their wider digital footprint as identification. Businesses must now consider their options and make proactive decisions to keep up with the demands and expectations of the modern consumer in order to survive in increasingly competitive markets.

We carried out our annual identity survey in order to better understand the modern consumer and their changing attitudes towards technology & automated onboarding and fraud prevention solutions, in the hope that businesses can learn from these findings and adapt their offerings in line with evolving consumer demands.

This is what we set out to analyze in this report, which is based on rigorous market research among consumers and businesses across our core industries, as well as Acuant’s industry leading digital identity expertise.

In this White Paper, you will learn about:

  • The modern consumer's attitude towards automated solutions.
  • How the financial landscape is becoming more competitive.
  • The changing landscape of fraud and how to combat it.

rise of automation


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