Why Getting 6,000 Sanctions Screening Matches Is a Good Thing

Screening every potential customer and periodically rescreening active customers can be a resource-intensive process. Our proprietary algorithms can safely reduce the number of sanctions screening matches, saving thousands of hours on reviews, with significant savings. So why did we also give this client 6,000 additional matches?

This case study examines what regulators expect when conducting exams, provides background on current sanctions lists and breaks down how our client fine-tuned their matches with the IdentityMind now Acuant platform.

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“As digital transactions continue to see massive growth, understanding who’s on the other end of the transaction is key to reducing fraud, managing risk and complying with regulations.”

“This evolution of the Acuant Trusted Identity Platform with IdentityMind positions them well in the dynamic market for identity orchestration platforms.”

Trace Fooshee
Aite Group

Senior Analyst




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