"In the US, more than 38,000 reported crime cases in 2019 involved gift & other prepaid cards, accounting for $103 million in losses..."

fighting fraud in new payment methods and prepaid cards

New Payment Methods (NPMs) and prepaid cards represent an important income stream for private businesses and the high adoption of smartphones have fueled growth in this market.

However, this growth has also opened the door for staggering losses due to fraud. The convenience of these NPMs could also expose payments processors, banks and other card issuers to criminal activity, reputational damage and hefty penalties from regulators. 

Acuant Compliance helps businesses prevent fraud, money laundering and financial crimes. Learn why businesses using NPMs and Prepaid Cards choose Acuant to mitigate risks, improve operations and stay ahead of fraud. 

You will learn about:

  • Spotting Red Flags for New Payment Methods
  • The Risk of Limited Solutions
  • How Acuant Manages Risk & Improves Operations



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