trusted digital identities


If you are a bank, an online lender, a digital wallet provider, a money remitter, or almost anyone in the FinTech world, then you are wrestling with how to provide a great online experience and expand your client base, while reducing risk and maintaining compliance.

Establishing that a new user or prospective customer is who they say they are and evaluating all of their entities (e.g. email addresses, physical addresses, credit cards, devices) against various risk indicators, including affiliations and connections to verifiable sources of risk, is the basis of Trusted Digital Identities.

Acuant Compliance set out to address those risk and compliance needs by answering two fundamental questions:

  1. How to create unique digital identities based on an individual’s online attributes and behaviors?
  2. How to aggregate an individual’s online financial / payment behavior in order to predict the risk of doing business with that individual?

A Trusted Digital Identity (TDI) is an identity that is real, that doesn’t have a history of fraud or potential money laundering, and that isn’t associated with nefarious organizations.

Read this white paper and learn how the Acuant Compliance platform addresses each one of these areas in detail:

  • 60% Reduction of Transactional Fraud
  • 85% Reduction of Manual Review Time
  • 90% Reduction of Onboarding Fraud
  • 50% Reduction of False Positives in Sanctions Screening



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