Acuant webinar series

Introducing Acuant®GO


Rapidly Deploy No Code IDV & KYC/AML Solutions

The current economic environment caused by the pandemic, combined with regulatory and customer demands is forcing businesses to implement change quickly. Maybe you are looking for a new solution, want to improve your existing one or just need the ability to scale quickly and securely.

We know that keeping up with changing regulations, embracing digital transformation and delivering optimal customer experiences is challenging- but we make it SIMPLE.

Acuant®GO AI-powered, fully automated Identity Verification and KYC/AML solutions take all the guess work and heavy lifting out of the equation.

Learn how our no code applications get you running in a few hours!

  • Flexible Model for Digital Transformation: Seamlessly integrate Identity Verification & KYC/AML compliance capabilities with your current systems
  • Low friction customer experiences to keep your business growing with trusted customers
  • Customizable to your branding & company needs, preparing you for today & tomorrow

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