How to Manage Emerging Fraud Due to Covid-19

As businesses update workflows and adapt to new customer behaviors due to the pandemic, new trends in fraud attempts are being discovered. It takes a lot of work to catch fraudsters. And, it takes a lot of modeling to see the patterns.

Simply provide your email address to watch industry leaders Mercari, Mezu and Prime Trust on the new fraud and risk trends emerging during COVID-19 and the strategies they are implementing to adapt. Their insights and predictions cover a broad range of things to consider when it comes to protecting your business and customers from fraud.

Speakers Include:

  • Jose Caldera, Acuant Chief Product Officer
  • Lisa Lechner, Mercari Chief Compliance Officer 
  • Luis Trujillo, Mezu Chief Compliance Officer
  • Kevin Lehtiniity, Prime Trust CTO & Chief Product Officer






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